The most promissing artists from around the World

CreativInn has selected for you some of the most promising contemporary artists of today. We like their artistic universe and we thinth they will be very famous artists very soon.

An Interview with Creative Katerina Lanfranco - CreativInn

I discovered Creative Katerina Lanfranco. During weeks, I have corresponded with her. She answered my questions and accepted that I publish this interview.

30 Influential and Famous Contemporary Artists And Their Art

Contemporary art captures the world of today and sets a lasting impression which influences years to come. Famous Contemporary Artists Today. The art is/was produced in the second half of the 20th century or in the 21st century by famous modern artists of today.

Interview with Pere Ibañez - CreativInn

Barcelona native Pere Ibañez has earned international recognition for his emotionally-charged artwork.

30 Modern & Contemporary Artists ($110 Million Battle) - Artland Magazine

Based on Artprice’s 2017 international report on popular artists in the contemporary art market, we compiled a list of 30 modern & contemporary artists

Interview with Digital Artist Marlene Cooper - CreativInn

As I evolve as an individual, so does my work. I am not bound by social conventions, racial identity, political or religious beliefs. My work is innocent in its intention, leaving the viewer to decide what to make of it.

Interview with Joe Papagoda - CreativInn

Today, we're discovering together Artist Joe Papagoda who accepted to answer a few questions to get a better understanding of what he does.

Interview with Nicholas Petrucci - CreativInn

The Guardians of the Everglades installation by Nicholas Petrucci gives the conservation story emotional appeal by focusing on the power of leadership and the subtle beauty of these unique wetlands.

Darice Machel McGuire Interview

Darice Machel McGuire is a famous Hawaiian painter who lives on the beautiful Island of Maui. Her works are represented by Village Galleries in Lahaina, The Gallery At The Ritz in Kapalua and Kaukini Gallery in Kahakuloa, all on the island of Maui. We welcome her today on CreativInn to let us present her universe.

Interview with Creative Shereen Yap - CreativInn

During my conversations with Shereen Yap, we spoke about her artistic universe, her poems, paintings and the famous Charlie.

Making the Planet Blue again: Boyan Slat's creative solution to clean up our oceans - CreativInn

The goal of Boyan Slat's Ocean Cleanup project is to extract plastic pollution from the oceans while preventing more waste from getting in ocean waters

Interview with Digital Abstract Artist Mark Humes - CreativInn

Mark Humes is a prolific digital abstract artist. He lives and works now in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Let's read his interview!

An Interview with Photographer Christopher Morrison - CreativInn

Christopher Morrison is an award winning photographer and a part of At-Edge's advertising group living in the heart Toronto with his wife Genevieve.  He's

Interview with Rapper & Hip-hop Corepreme

Michael Corey Baugh is better known by his stage name CorePreme. He is an American Rapper, Record Producer, Actor and Entrepreneur. Recently finishing a a world tour that spanned over 6 continents, 17 countries, and 22 major cities in the U.S; CorePreme has established himself as an international Rapper. Corepreme kindly accepted to answer our questions about his music.

Interview with Mario Brondo - CreativInn

Mario Brondo produced and directs films and art in Mexico and Europe. He has taken part in important art exhibitions and film festivals in Mexico and Europe.

Ofer Samra – Finding Art Through Bodybuiding & Acting

Ofer Samra (born 1963) is an Israeli-born Jewish bodybuilder, actor and painter. Ofer Samra currently lives in Los Angeles, California, US.

Interview with Singer and Songwriter Nathan Leaman - CreativInn

Nathan Leaman is a singer & songwriter from Hobart, Australia. He has traveled around the world and lived in far away lands.

Interview with Lisandro Pena - CreativInn

Lisandro Pena will be showcasing his work at the FUTURES showcase put on by RAW in Toronto on 2016 January 15th at the Mod Club, from 8pm to 02am.

Discover some tips from Gunnar Andreassen to get your Art work discovered on internet!

We’re pleased to interview Gunnar Andreassen, who has been working in web marketing for many years. He”s the author of “Conquer the web”, a 700 pages information-packed book which covers all subjects of advertising and marketing on the web, like Google, Facebook, Ebay, YouTube and Twitter. In this interview, he will give you a few tips to help you promote your Art work.

An Interview with Artist Alexandra Francis - CreativInn

I'm very happy to interview Alexandra Francis, an interdisciplinary artist and peace activist, who was born in Leeds, England, in October 1994.

Linda Franceschini Interview: Be yourself. At any cost.

My Universe is in full contact with Nature and Music. The interaction between these two entities creates a magical flow which blows up on canvas through colours. The result is a picture of my soul in the moment that this explosion happens. Unique.

Interview with Photographer Black Mesa

Black Mesa is a 22 year old Photographer from the East Bay Area in California. He's currently attending the University of Iowa!

An Interview with Canadian Artist Liene Haruta - CreativInn

Liene Haruta is a classical artist in the Kitchener-Waterloo area in Souther Ontaria, Canada.

Interview with Sakis Gouzonis - CreativInn

Sakis Gouzonis is a multi-award-winning Greek composer, arranger, orchestrator, producer and performer of electronic music. I'm really happy to interview h

Interview with Nicole Russin-McFarland - CreativInn

This week, I'm pleased to interview a very complete Artist, music composer and filmaker Nicole Russin-McFarland.

Interview with Margharet Manzano: The Art of Elegant Abstraction - CreativInn

Margaret Manzano was born unrelentingly creative: normality doesn’t apply to her day to day life, every event is transformed into a creative act.

Interview with Alexandre Alonso - CreativInn

Alexandre Alonso is a Brazilian actor and movie maker. He is best known for his role as Alex in the indie movie Palmos (2015) and the short Loop (2014).

An Interview with Fashion Designer Jamie Haiden, Archipelago founder - CreativInn

Talented Fashion Designer, Jamie Haiden created in 2011 her own brand Archipelago, a brand that values hand made artistry with attention down to the last stitch!.

9 Famous fashion designers from Africa to inspire you - CreativInn

The 9 Famous Fashion Designers from Africa I chose to present you all have something in common.  Not only they have a vision for the African fashion, an incredible sense of hard work and determination; but they inspire African Youth, and in particular the young African fashion designers.

Interview with Photographer and Writer Chazzy Patel - CreativInn

Photographer and writer Chazzy Patel is self-publishing his first novel High season. and has accepted our invitation to answer a few questions about it.

Interview with Gilles Boenisch - CreativInn

Both Artist and digital manufacturing expert, French creative Gilles Boenisch is interviewed and let us enter his creative universe digitaldefeat.

An Interview with Costume Designer Morrigana Pehlke - CreativInn

Morrigana Pehlke is an Underground Couture Fashion Designer born in 1981 and raised in Perth County.  Morrigana Pehlke started her career as a costume desi

An Interview with Writer Kyle Waller - CreativInn

Kyle Waller is a survivor. His war with depression and suicide should have ended in defeat, but he survived and decided to write his first book Ward, a story to talk about this mental illness, which is not enough taken seriously.

Interview with Artist Jae Billingham - CreativInn

Do you know what is a forensic Artist? No? So let's read this amazing interview of Artist Jae Billingham. her art is a very wide range of styles.

9 Famous Canadian Artists Worth Knowing About - CreativInn

Undoubtedly, Canadian Art is an attractive art melting pot composed of various cultures and influences. The incredibly diverse immigration in Canada brought in people from all over the world, bringing with them part of their culture which is eventually reflected in their various artistic. A small but deeply representative sample of this savory Canadian mix is given here with its 9 most representative artists. What do you think of these 9 Famous Canadian Artists we selected for you?

An Interview with Canadian Artist Myles Johnston - CreativInn

Myles Johnston is a Canadian Artist living in Montreal and owner of the the gallery Montreal Art Exhibited.

An Interview with musician Mat Vezio - CreativInn

Interview with Canadian Musician Mat Vezio who will be playing a solo at VERSE, an artistic event organized by RAW:Montreal on 19th April.

A Conversation with Music Composer Karkanawi

In light of the release of his latest album, Symphonic Oriental Images, a conversation with Karkanawi, the first Saudi Musicologist & Classical Composer.

Interview with upcoming Fashion Designer Nancy Gubbala

Read our last interview with a promissing Fashion Designer from Savannah! Nancy Gubbala is an upcoming Fashion Designer, coming from India and who lives at Savannah, United States. She did her BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design and is planning on doing her MA in Luxury and fashion management.

An Interview with Digital Artist Alain Francoeur - CreativInn

Artist Alain Francoeur Alain is a multidisciplinary and anti-conformist artist who will be showcasing his work at Rialto Montreal VERSE on April 19th.

Interview with Actress & Director Meredith Hama-Brown

Meredith Hama-Brown is a multi-talented actor and writer/director from Vancouver, British Columbia. Her latest work as an actress in “Cinephiliac” saw her nominated for two awards and the film itself toured the world film festival circuit.

An Interview with Music Composer Kobi Arad - CreativInn

Kobi Arad is an American pianist & music composer of fusion music. He combines third-stream, jazz, R & B, Hip-hop & electro-music.

An Interview with Afro-Rapper Md Lyonga - CreativInn

I have the pleasure to interview Cameroonian rapper MD Lyonga, based in Canada, on the occasion of his participation in the new Art Show FIXATE on August 18, presented by RAW:Toronto.

An Interview with Visual Artist Jisoo Marcy Klatt - CreativInn

Interview with Visual Artist Jisoo Marcy Klatt who works on contemporary abstract mixed media series of paintings; watercolor, ink, coffee on paper. Jisoo Marcy Klatt is a native South Korean artist passionate about music and painting and lives in San Francisco. She studied painting and ceramics at the University of New Mexico.

Interview with Mr. Clever Art, An Amazing Pop Art Painter

Known as Mr. Clever Art in the art world, Andrew Rosenblatt is strongly emerging in the Contemporary Pop Art scene. Born in New York and currently living in Los Angeles, California, he is most known for his unique way of fusing bright colors with luxury merchandise such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

An Interview with Creative Susete Saraiva - CreativInn

Susete Saraiva is a miniature & portrait artist who lives in Toronto. As she says, she focuses on the darker side of life. She''s featured in Fixate exhibition organized by RAW:Toronto.

An Interview with Talented Pop Singer Shannon K - CreativInn

I was recently fortunate to have a conversation with Shannon K, a talented singer-songwriter whose latest album, Perpetual, was recently released. We chatted about her sound, her musical inspirations, and the art of songwriting.

An interview with writer-director Vikkramm Chandirramani - CreativInn

Vikkramm Chandirramani is a writer-director from Mumbai, India. His new urban crime drama ‘The Perfect Murder’ has been getting rave reviews with many critics lauding the film. His last film ‘Destiny’ won several awards including ‘Best Foreign Film’ at The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival, New Jersey and has crossed 4.3 million views on YouTube.

An Interview with Priyanka Lalwani: A development program for the Artists.

Priyanka Lalwani accepted a Q&A session with CreativInn, offering her advice to artists. Priyanka Lalwani has been a mentor and marketer at and, gaining many successful clients who are now very famous Youtube Artists, Live Performers and Visual Artists in US, UK, Canada, and Asia.

An Interview with Digital Artist Michael Anthony Ingram - CreativInn

From NYC, where he'll soon exhibit his artworks, Digital Artist Michael Anthony Ingram replied several questions about his artistic universe & his projects.

An inspiring interview with American Singer Songwriter Wembi

American Singer Songwriter Wembi 's new album “Perspective” will move you by his sound, a fantastic blend of soul, pop and R&B. I had the chance to have a chat with him!

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